Timeshare Sales UK & Worldwide

Timeshare Sales UK & Worldwide

From The Editor

I began work on this web-site in 1998, primarily because I had had difficulty selling off some of my own timeshare weeks when I was a desperate cash-strapped mature student.

My timeshare weeks were supposed to have been marketed for three years by a large second-hand resale specialist vendor in the UK. They had charged me large, upfront, non refundable, fees. I was discovering that selling timeshare was not easy.

I even invited friends to ring in anonymously to the reseller to ask for timeshares in the region and price bracket that I was selling in. My friends were given no indication of any sales at my resort, or sales in the price bracket I had given. Instead the reseller gave my friends information about higher priced resorts nearby. My timeshare was not mentioned once!

I actually sold my timeshare weeks through this very site, the first to an email enquirer. I sold the second week slightly below my asking price. 5 people had emailed me about it with no one offering quite as much as I had asked for. Undeterred, I emailed them all, advised them that they were in the running for an auction with each other, and they all emailed me their bids. The highest bidder got a great bargain.

But at least I had a little more cash in my pocket, AND I could reflect on the great holidays I had had in the past.

Disclaimer TimeshareUK.com
is was the Web site name owned by Alan D Winter. TimeshareUK.com is was not connected by way of trade to any other timeshare organisation, or exchange club, except of course via a hyperlink. The Trading name Timeshare UK (with a space in it) is was believed a part of the ABTI group and has had nothing whatsoever to do with TimeshareUK.com

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