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Joshua Dann / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1997. This is a science fiction read, and highly enjoyable if you like that sort of thing.

Timeshare : Second Time Around UK
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Joshua Dann / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1998. Science fiction read. Highly enjoyable follow up to Timeshare .

Financial Performance in the Timeshare Industry Order now from U.S. sources

Practical Timeshare and Group Ownership Order now from U.S. sources
Colin Jenkins / Paperback / Published 1987, (Back Ordered)

Tri Timeshare Vacation Ownership Resort Directory 1997-1998 Order now from U.S. sources

Valuing the Timeshare Property Order now from U.S. sources

Once upon a Timeshare Order now from U.S. sources
Shepherd Lawrence

Timeshare Properties : What Every Buyer Must Know Order now from U.S. sources
Robert Irwin

International Timeshare Law and Practice Order now from UK sources
Author: Colin Jenkins, Paul Dean
Publ: 1 July 1999
ISBN: 0406891060
About: Gives guidance on every aspect of setting up and running timeshare resorts. Covers implementation of the Timeshare Act 1992 and EEC directive.

International Timesharing Author: James Edmonds
Publ: Longman Law, Tax and Finance
ISBN: 0851217060
About: The law in the UK and other places including Spain and USA. Aimed at prospective purchasers and developers. Legal and financial advisers. Shows how the timeshare system works.

Timeshare Publ: WTO, 1 Nov 1996
ISBN: 928440147X
Price: £29
About: An objective and comprehensive introduction and guide to timeshare. Context is in regard to tourism in general. Tourist authorities cannot ignore timeshare and its future development.

The Timeshare (Cancellation Notices) Order 1992 Order now from UK sources Price: £2.30
(Special Order)

The Timeshare (Repayment of Credit on Cancellation) Order 1992 Order now from UK sources.
(Special Order)

Timeshare - A Time for War (Timeshare Trilogy, 3) Order now from UK sources Joshua Dann / Paperback / Published 1999. More enjoyable fiction about time travel.

The Timeshare Act 1992 (Commencement) Order 1992 Order now from UK sources

Timeshare Act 1992: Elizabeth II. Chapter 35 Order now from UK sources
(Special Order)

The Timeshare Regulations 1997 Order now from UK sources Great Britain / Paperback
(Special Order)

Timeshare: the New Force in Tourism Order now from UK sources
World Tourism Organization / Paperback / Published 1996
(Special Order)

Airports and Airlines

Airport Operations ~ Norman Ashford, et al (Hardcover - 1 January, 1997)

Airport Builders ~ Obe Marcus Binney (Hardcover - 26 January, 1999)

Airport Design and Operation ~ Antonin Kazda, et al (Hardcover - 31 August, 2000)

Jeremy's Airport ~ Jeremy Spake (Hardcover - 17 September, 1998)

Cornwall Bookshop - Books About England's Cornwall

Vacation Guide Books from our online store. Hot 100 Books

Britain: the Rough Guide by Dave Abram, et al

AA Book of Britain's Walks by Automobile Association

The Good Pub Guide 2000 (Good Pub Guide 2000) by Alisdair Aird(Editor), Fiona Stapley (Editor

The Lake District: the Rough Guide by Jules Brown

"Time Out" Book of London Walks by "Time Out"

A272 by Pieter Boogaart

The A272 "represents England", the author explains in his preface. "It captures the Englishness of English life."

The Good Food Guide 2000 by Jim Ainsworth(Editor)

England: the Rough Guide by Rob Andrews, et al

A Literary Guide to London by Ed Glinert

The Which? Guide to Tourist Attractions by Which?, et al

AA Big Road Atlas Britain 2000 by Automobile Association scale of 3 miles to 1 inch, is fully updated with over 3,000 revisions

Books for Eco-Tourists

Get a life and make sure others coming afer you get a life, too.

The Good Alternative Travel Guide Exciting Holidays for Responsible Travellers Mark Mann Kelly Haynes, traveller "What a fantastic guidebook! I visited amazing communities I'd never have found otherwise."

A Trip too Far: Ecotourism, Politics and Exploitation Rosaleen Duffy

The Native Tourist: Mass Tourism within Developing Countries Krishna B Ghimire

The Earthscan Reader in Sustainable Tourism Lesley France

Making Waves: Integrating Coastal Conservation and Development W Neil Adger, Katrina Brown and Emma L Tompkins

Towards Sustainable Aviation Edited by Callum Thomas, David Raper, Paul Upham and Janet Maughan

Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux
"Safari" in Swahili means a journey, typically a long one. In "Dark Star Safari", Theroux's itinerary is African, from Cairo to Cape Town - down the Nile, through Sudan and Ethiopia, to Kenya, Uganda and beyond to South Africa. Journeying by train, boat and cattle truck

The New Rulers of the World by John Pilger

Bill Bryson's African Diary by Bill Bryson

The Peters World Atlas: The Earth in Its True Proportion by Arno Peters

Lake District Bookshop - Books About the English Lake District

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