Sunday, 21 February 2016

Timeshare Fraudster - Assets Seized

The assets of a convicted timeshare fraudster and his company are to be seized.

Warwick Crown Court last week heard that Andrew Stephen Harris and his firm Shakespeare Classic Line Ltd had illegally benefitted from more than £1 million through an elaborate timeshare fraud based around people owning a share of luxury yachts moored in Turkey.

Harris had already been jailed for four and a half years back in November 2013 but was now back in the dock to have his assets seized.

Victims will now receive compensation with a share of the money also going to Central Beds as the investigating authority.

If all of the assets are sold for the amount scheduled in court then £86,348.96 will be invested in crime prevention work here.

Proof too, for Harris, that the old saying is true and that crime really doesn't pay.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Recovery Room Fraudsters

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) is warning people of the dangers of Recovery Room fraudsters targeting former victims of Timeshare fraud.

Recovery Room Fraud refers to a scam whereby fraudsters contact the victims of previous frauds, often by way of cold calling them, and claim to be able to recover previously lost funds. In July 2014 the Financial Services Authority (FSA) estimated that 30% of people who had lost money through Investment fraud would also fall victim to a Recovery Room fraud.

When Recovery Room fraudsters target victims of timeshare frauds they usually claim to be a legal professional or a representative of a government agency (normally within the country where the original timeshare property was based) in order to legitimise the scam. The fraudsters know personal details about the victim and their previous investment which gives them credibility. They claim that the advanced fees requested are for ‘local taxes’ or ‘litigation costs’ incurred during the recovery of the funds. It is suspected that the persons behind Recovery Room frauds are often the same people involved in the original scams even though these crimes may have occurred years earlier.

Initially, a small fee, typically in the region of £200-400, is requested by the fraudsters which they often claim is refundable as part of a ‘no-win no-fee’ basis.  The fraudsters rely on the victims seeing this as a nominal fee compared to the amounts lost, which often run into the tens-of-thousands of pounds, and therefore worth paying if it facilitates the return of their money. Once paid, various excuses are made by the fraudsters to explain delays in the recovery of the funds.  Subsequently, further larger amounts are then requested by the fraudsters.  Needless to say, no refunds ever materialise and no money is ever recovered.

Protect Yourself
Never respond to unsolicited phone calls – if in doubt, hang up.

Always check that the details of the organisation or company contacting you (such as website, address and phone number) are correct – the fraudsters may be masquerading as a legitimate organisation.

Don’t be fooled by a professional looking website as nowadays the cost of creating a professional website is easily affordable.

Be wary of any firms or individuals asking for advanced fees.

Consider seeking independent legal and/or financial advice before making a decision.

If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud you can report it online: or by telephone: 0300 123 2040

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Timeshare in England

Timeshare Resorts in England
For location map and directions click the postcode

Isle of Man
  • Cherry Orchard - just five miles from the airport and 14 miles from the seaport, in the heart of "Waking Ned Devine" country on this jewel of the Irish Sea. Phone: 01624 835060 Cherry Orchard Aparthotel, Port Erin , IM9 6AN ISLE OF MAN

Northern England
  • Lake District - (mainly Cumbria) Check out our page with lots to places to choose from in this pretty region.

  • Akeld Manor and Country Club, Akeld, Northumberland, NE71 6TA , Phone: 01665 721035

  • Breamish Valley Cottages, Branton, Northumberland NE66 4LW, Phone: 01665 578263

  • Flanesford Priory, Goodrich, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 6HZ, England, Tel: 01600 890506, Virtual tour, Visitor Report

  • Golf Lodges at Slaley Hall, Slaley Hall, Slaley, Nr Hexham, Northumberland, NE47 0BY, England, Phone: 01434 673350

  • Kenwick Woods, Kenwick Park, Louth, Lincolnshire LN11 8NRPhone: 01507 608806

  • Sutton Hall Timeshare Club , Sutton Hall, Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe, Thirsk, North Yorkshire Y07 2PS

  • Thurnham Hall, Thurnham, Lancaster, LA2 0DT, Phone: 01524 751766

  • Watertime at Bunbury, Canal Wharf, Cheshire, CW6 9QB, Phone: 01809 260957

    Central England


  • The Economics of Timeshare

    How does this make sense? From: REMAXRICK
    Subject: Re: Economics of timeshare
    Date: 07 April 1999 01:56

    It doesn't make sense. If the annual maintenance fee is $300 to $400 and the exchange fee is about $150, why would I want to pay $10,000 for the privilege of going through this hassle every time I want to go on vacation? However, I would consider a time share at $1,500 to $2,500 with an annual maintenance of $150 or so if the weeks were floating and they could be easily exchanged. What do you think?


    Thanks for your grumble. I won't take issue with your dollar figures because I am not an expert in dollars. However, I am sure you are confused by something. For myself, based in the UK, these are my figures in UK pounds:

    1. Package Tour Self Catering Option

    Cresta Holidays Jan-Dec 1999 brochure for Spain and Portugal. Hacienda Beach Apartments. 2 rooms sleeping up to six: living room with 2 single sofa beds, 2 rooms with twin beds, bathroom and shower room, oven, washing machine, satellite tv & phone. Price includes return flights, self catering accommodation based on 2 adults and 2 children under age 11, 14 nights. Price £1570 (ignores any flight supplements)

    2. Five Star Hotel Option

    Cadogan Holidays Collection for 1999. Four Seasons Country Club, Marbella. Based on 4 persons share 2 room apartment. Flights from Gatwick. No child reductions available. Directly phoned quotation for 2 weeks in May, total £3352 excluding insurances, includes basic group car hire for duration. Car hire is available locally for around £350 for 2 weeks. (Tel 01703 828313 - Cadogan)

    3. The Timeshare Exchange Option

    Timeshare at Crown Resorts , Self catering, sleep 6 accommodation, luxury standard guaranteed.
    Bear in mind that timeshare costs you to buy into it. I include a capital charge to do my calculations, based on a capital cost for 2 weeks (i.e. purchase price) 4,000.
    If I had left that capital to appreciate in a deposit account for 10 years, here's what I might get back at 6% which can be expressed as an annual capital charge. (If I rented a holiday from the examples above, I would not get any interest on the money I give to them, so I am being generous to myself to put the figure of 340 below)

    Capital charge (after 7 years of owning) £340
    Maintenance fee (2 x per week 180) £360
    Air fares, say £600
    Holiday Insurances £50
    Exchange fees (approximately) £160
    RCI membership fee, say £45
    Airport/resort taxi transfers £35
    Total £1590

    When I'm staying at my own timeshare resort I don't have the exchange fees to pay so that saves £45 + £160 (=£205), making it the most cost effective option of the given choices above. I could have saved even more by buying second hand and reducing the capital charge. Second hand timeshares are not like second hand cars. The units are refurbished and upgraded regularly, and if they are not, then the likes of RCI and II will be dropping them from their exchange schemes.

    If timeshare still seems a poor partner compared to a package deal on the price alone, look deeper and find many more advantages.

    More Advantages of Timeshare
    A young family with children know what it is like to try to keep clothes clean. Washing machines are often found in timeshare resorts, saving the haul and hassle of taking washing to a launderette.

    Package deals often include meals, but at what standard? In the Mediterranean area I used to suffer from numerous tummy upsets, which have disappeared now that I cater for myself. I can eat when I want, not when I am instructed. I can dress for meals how I like, not how others expect me to. And if, like me, you have children who are fussy about foreign food options, you can give them what they want when they want it. Lollies from the unit's fridge, something fast from the microwave, or roasts from the unit's oven. A package deal in an hotel would be hard pressed to beat these opportunities. Eating out is an option to timesharers just as it is an option to package dealers. In fact, package dealers often eat out when their meals have been included in the price, either because they want a change of scenery or because the hotel food is inappropriate for them (i.e. they can't stand it).

    There are a few answers to your query of why the hassle (what hassle?) is worth it. After all this, I am beginning to think of myself as a timeshare tout! Heaven forbid.

    Alan Winter.